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Rijeka Shipyard Workers in Referendum


One day before the expiry date on the privatization of Croatian shipyards, almost 3,000 employees of 3.Maj in Rijeka are taking a referendum on whether or not to continue the union push to maintain production and preserve the employed status of their workers. The referendum was organized by the Metal Workers Trade Union of Croatia. Union trustee, Juraj Šoljić says that interest in the referendum is high and that it may be held over 2 days, adding that it isn't holding up production, since it is being held on site at the Shipyards. The union is submitting a request to the government for the issuing of guarantees for the third gob of credit so shipbuilding can continue for domestic shipping firms, and also requested a plan for the total overhaul of each and every Croatian shipyard, as well fresh contracts. The Union is against filing for bankruptcy, and says that neither the EU nor the EC ever requested this, insisting that the shipyards could remain state-owned.

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